Practical Opportunities for Choosing the Right Water Dispenser

Just like his basket or his bowl, you can offer your dog a water dispenser, which will guarantee him his daily ration of drinking water. Stylish, they will adapt perfectly to your interior and will have the advantage of simplifying your life.

Principle and Operation of the Water dispenser for Dogs

The water cooler is simply an electric water dispenser. And as with any self-respecting fountain, the principle is simple: the water is in constant movement. This accessory will allow your dog to have water at all times. You can check its consumption with a graduation.

The dog fountain constantly brews your dog’s water to oxygenate it and filter out any impurities that might seep into the fountain. As a result, the water in the fountain will be healthier than the water you usually put in its bowl. Some models can be fitted with filters to purify the water and therefore improve its quality.

Some water dispensers are not electric but manual and must be operated by a kind of pedal which will have the effect of a pump. These manual fountains have the appeal of a puzzle game for your dog, and can therefore be very fun. Choosing the best automatic dog water dispenser will not be troublesome now.

The Criteria for Choosing Well

Before buying a water cooler for your dog, here are some criteria to help you make the right choice:

The capacity and the filtration system

The capacity of the water cooler depends in part on the number of animals you have in the house. If you only have one pooch, a fountain with a capacity of 3 liters is sufficient. But if you have several companions, you can choose an intermediate fountain with a capacity of 5-7 liters. Finally, if you are worried and are afraid that it is not enough, know that there are fountains with a water tank of 10 liters. The important thing is that the water is filtered and oxygenated for the well-being of your animal. It is therefore necessary to check the filters of the fountain. A carbon filter will retain impurities and bad odors while a foam filter will retain elements such as hair or various dirt so that the water remains clean.

The stability and silence of the fountain

Before making your choice, make sure that the chosen model is very stable to prevent your dog from overturning it, especially if it is a little abrupt. On some models, the engine noise is quite loud, which can bother the dog, or even prevent him from coming to hydrate if he is too sensitive because he will be afraid of it. So prefer a silent fountain that will not be a disturbing element for your animal.

Convenient and easy to maintain

When making your purchase, make sure that the chosen model will be easy to use and clean because in the end, if you buy a water cooler, it is to make your work easier, not the other way around. For models equipped with filters intended to purify water, be sure to check the life of the filter and whether it is easy to change. Some filters do not need to be changed, which gives you a small saving.

Some models tell you when to change filters or when to refill the fountain. There are even models that stop working automatically when the fountain is almost empty.