Best Organic Options for the Pet Grooming

For the well-being of pets, it is important not to ignore their grooming. To this end, even if there are institutes specializing in dog and cat care, more and more owners prefer to take care of it themselves. This is a great idea because the animals will be more confident with their owners. Part of the success of grooming, however, is choosing the right shampoos and conditioners.

What You Need To Know For Successful Dog Cleaning

It is good to know that dog’s skin has neutral pH, whereas human skin has acidic pH. Likewise, the epidermis of the animal is 30 to 95 micrometers thick, which makes it very sensitive. The owner should not use his shampoo to wash his dog. It may irritate his skin and thin out his hair. Visit for a better understanding of the same.

The dog’s hair and skin are renewed every month. It is therefore in this interval that it is advisable to wash it, failing to do it weekly. Indeed, after 30 days, dead cells and dandruff are more visible and it is time to eliminate them. To do this, the dog owner must get a shampoo that respects his skin type and neutral pH. Thus, an astringent product is recommended for a dog with oily skin, while a protein-based or vegetable-oil-based shampoo should be used for one with dry skin.

As for the conditioner, it serves to nourish the skin and tighten the coat. This is why you must linger on the list of components to choose (including substances and active ingredients). However, the chosen conditioner must also respect the breed of the dog and the original structure of its hair.

To Perfect Grooming or Prepare For a Dog Show: Balms and Polish

Like shampoos and conditioners, dog balms and polish products should be chosen with great care. Out of the question to use your “human” products!

After shampooing your four-legged friend, you can add the final touch with balms and shine products whether your dog is long haired or short haired, detangling his coat with ease. There are different balms for your dog’s coat: soothing balm, texturizing balm or even anti-static. You will be able to perfect the grooming of your dog and bring the final touch to bring out the beauty of his coat. You can use these balms or polishing products during a dog show for example. Your dog will be ready to pass in front of the jury!