Best Breeds for the Best Kittens for You

So you’ve made your decision, you will soon have a cat. Indeed you are already in anticipation of how the pet will comfortably lie next to you in the evenings and purr gently. It seems that buying a cat is a simple matter.

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Pedigree or outbred?

First, you need to make a choice. First of all, decide on the age (you want to buy a kitten or an adult) and the breed. If we are talking about buying, you most likely want a pet and a thoroughbred cat. Decide whether you are only interested in a representative of a specific breed (as an option, a choice from several species) or you want a beautiful kitten for sale in Michigan with a particular set of qualities, and it seems to you that it is easier to find one among the purebreds.

If the second option is correct, you may well not limit yourself to choosing only from among purebred, since often ordinary domestic cats and cats have no less spectacular appearance than the most beautiful representatives of a particular breed. And the connection of character with the breed is very conditional. If you still want to buy a purebred cat (or are interested in one specific breed), then the most obvious option is a cattery. However, it is essential to choose the correct nursery, where they earn money on animals and take care of their health and socialization.

Visit the nursery

When looking for information on the kitten for sale you are interested in (if not, we recommend that you do it), you probably found out about the most famous and time-tested kennels and breeders specializing in this breed. However, no amount of feedback can replace a personal impression. Pay close attention to the conditions in which cats live in this cattery. These conditions will affect how your pet will be.

 Animals should not be in tight enclosures (not to mention cages). Ensure that the cattery is clean and that cats and kittens have, in addition to bowls of food and water, houses, scratching posts, toys. The wards themselves should be affectionate and outgoing, not shy and aggressive. Otherwise, this suggests that kittens are most likely not cared for properly, do not play, do not instill communication skills with a person. The first three months of a cat’s life are critical.

During this time, the kitten must learn essential skills from its mother and get used to the person. This is why genuine breeders never sell kittens younger than 3-4 months old.