The Secrets of Bengal Cats: The Perfect Study

The Bengal is a very athletic cat at first glance. We can also immediately notice that his head does not immediately think of a domestic cat, but rather a very wild feline. His muscular body is so powerful, not least thanks to his sturdy frame.

Despite its wild origins, it should still be taken into account that kittens have been carefully selected by breeders to make them domestic. Thus, the breed is perfectly docile, contrary to popular belief. The Bengal cat is also a very popular cat in many countries of the world. We particularly appreciate her original and simply magnificent dress. The latter makes it easily comparable to a leopard. You can get more info on

Bengal Cat Description and Features

The Bengal looks precisely like a little wilderness: it has dots and rosettes (two tones) like a leopard in its characteristic robe. It also exhibits marbling, particularly on the legs, the chest and the face. The causes differ from person to person. Bengal is medium to huge, typically bigger than our normal household cats; men especially have strong bones and a robust physique.

The slimmer females, however, have a well-defined, wild-looking body. The head is quite lengthy, its nose is narrow and Siamese evocative and its tips are circled. The robe might be different in brown colors, but lighter in grey and white shades. Yellow and green are the eyes.

Discover the Reasons to Adopt a Bengal Cat

Congeners of the Bengal breed

The Bengal is one of the cats that most resembles wild animals. Among this category of cats, we can also find the Savannah, the Abyssinian, the Bombay, the American Bobtail or the Toyger. Some are even sometimes compared to miniature tigers either because of their coat or some other characteristic of the breed.

The Bengal Cat Is Very Sociable

Contrary to popular belief, the Bengal cat is very sociable. It may sport a wild appearance, but it is a very social cat both with other animals and people. However, he does not really like the presence of other cats in his environment, because he still likes to defend his territory and especially does not want people to take his place. In contrast, the Bengal cat is perfect for living with dogs. Get a proper glimpse of them at

Great Sensitivity

The Bengal is a very gentle and sensitive cat at the same time. Indeed, he will be able to adapt perfectly to his master’s mood so as not to disturb him. Quiet, it is really very pleasant to live in. He can also live with children perfectly and will support their outbursts of voices without complaining. His sweetness also makes him very affectionate. He will not hesitate to ask you to hug him when he feels the need.

The Bengal Cat Is a Great Player

Very dynamic, this breed of cat is a great player. It will also appreciate playing with your children if you have any, with great pleasure. He will also be delighted to share moments of games with you. So do not hesitate to take him out regularly so that he can let off steam. It is a cat that we highly recommend for all families.