Fun Indoor Games You Can Play With Your Dog

Are you looking for fun and easy ways to keep your dog entertained? Sometimes, we can’t go out and go for walks, but that doesn’t mean you can’t engage with your dog indoors. Whether it’s through playing with dog toys from Peggasus Pets or quick training sessions, there is always something you can do to bond with your dog.

You can enjoy a ton of games with them as well! If you’re figuring out what indoor games you can enjoy with your dog, this list can help you out.

  • Find the treats

It doesn’t need to be treats, it can be their toy or random household objects (that are pet-friendly). Since dogs have a remarkable sense of smell, have them hone their hunting skills with a game of hidden treasure.

First, let your dog smell the treats or their favorite toy. Then go to another room (where your dog can’t see you) and hide the treats. After that, have him find the treats and praise him each time he finds a treat or toy.

Another way to play this game is through the shell game. Place their favorite dog treat under one of three cups, then shuffle it around. Encourage them to choose the cup holding the treat. This is great for their mental stimulation and problem-solving

One thing you can try having them do is wild sits, a fun exercise that teaches them to sit patiently when on command. Keep your dog on a leash and rile them up, running around cheering, jumping, anything that gets them extremely excited. In the middle of all this, instruct your dog to sit!

  • Indoor obstacle course

This one is pretty easy, you can make an obstacle course out of common household objects, either making it a simple or difficult one! Use boxes your dog can crawl in, chairs for them to navigate through, and books for them to jump over!

You can also invest in a training platform and agility system, which is adjustable and easy to install.

Wrapping It Up

There are so many ways to keep your dog engaged and stimulated at home. Try any of these games with your dog and see which one they love the most!