Cat Litter Box Mistakes to Avoid

Cat litter box mistakes are the number one reason why most cats do not have a good bowel movement. Even if you know that your cat wants to use the litter box but still does not want to do it properly, there are some things that can be done to help correct this problem. By understanding the reasons for certain problems, you will have the ability to correct them and avoid making the same ones again. Also by learning the causes of other problems, you will also be able to do something about them.

Clumping vs. unscented clumping. As many people know, both clumping and unscented clumping litter are popular with cat owners. The main difference between these two types of litter is in the way the litter is made. While clumping litter is comprised of multiple tiny stones that are similar in color, unscented litter has a single, larger particle. By using this type of litter, you are able to reduce the number of germs and other allergens that are contained in the litter.

Mismatching litter and non-clumping clay. When trying to decide between clumping litter and non-clumping clay, it is important to learn the differences between each type. The most prominent difference between the two is in the material used to make the litter. Clay tends to be much firmer and heavier than the other type, while clumping litter is much more lightweight and easier to move around.

Con square design vs. con square. Although most cat litter boxes contain a con-square design in their design, not all use con square designs. Some companies use con square designs for their bags and the boxes themselves, because they believe that this type of design makes their products easy to clean. Many experts disagree with this belief, as there are numerous instances where using con square litter can cause your box to appear stained or disorganized after it has been thoroughly cleaned.

Wrong brand or filler. There are a lot of different brands of cat litter on the market and each one seems to claim to be the best brand available. Unfortunately, not all companies make the same quality products. It is important to choose a brand that has a reputation for producing high quality litter and a box that is made to clean properly. The top two brands in this category are Superior De Grafico and La Orina.

Not using proper fillers. The most common type of litter on the market is a fine grain litter that contains fiber. This type of litter is made from corn or grass and it is completely different than the bulk pellets commonly used by cat owners. If you are not using the appropriate filler for your needs, it is likely that your kitty will not use the box as well as it should.