What Size Grooming Table Do I Need for My Dog?

If you’re a dog owner, you’ve probably realized that your furry animal companions deserve to be taken care of the best way you know how. Part of maintaining hygiene for dogs and making sure that their health and comfort are in top shape is finding the right grooming table, so you can make sure that their coat and fur are kept at the optimal length and thickness. With so many options to choose from, finding the right grooming table can be a demanding task, so let’s take a look at some of the basic specifications and how to find the right table for you.

Sizing the Table

The main factors to consider when buying a dog grooming table are the height, weight, and demeanor of the dogs that will be groomed on it. If you will only be using the table for a small and docile lapdog, you can look into smaller tables for home use that are often collapsible, take up less space, and are a cheaper option. However, if you’re someone with a larger, rowdier dog, then you’ll want a larger and more sturdy table to help you manage it.

If the table will be used in a salon setting or for multiple dogs, you’ll want to get a table large enough for the largest size of dogs you’ll be working on. It will be far easier to work on grooming a small dog on a large table than the other way around, so make sure to compensate for the sizes of all dogs that might be on the table. Many times, these larger tables have mechanical or hydraulic options that allow you to adjust the height of the table to work more comfortably and safely.

Dog Grooming Tables for Home Use

While many are familiar with dog grooming tables from professional dog groomers such as pet stores, there are many benefits to using one to groom your dog at home. Using the table instead of the floor or while the dog is outside will signal to your dog that it’s time for their grooming, so they need to relax and hold still. It will provide a positive space of affirmation for you and your pet to bond tighter and get to know each other better, and allow you to get to hard-to-reach spots more effectively.

Choosing the right-sized dog grooming table for you simply means considering what functions you will be using it for, the size of the dogs that will be on it, and any space or price limitations you may have. From collapsible, small tables to full-size, hydraulic lifting tables, there is an option that will work for you.