The Difference Between A Crate, Pen And Gate And What’s Best For Your Cat

Having pets around is something we all enjoy, but it is not always possible or safe depending on the situation. It can be difficult to work in the kitchen with a new kitten underfoot. Other times, you may have to keep your pet away from a serviceman or guests in the house.

The good news is that there are numerous devices on the market that can help you keep your pet safe and out of harm’s way on occasion. Read on to find out the differences between a crate, gate, and pen so you can select the right one for your cat.

  1. Crates

The crate is the simplest and most basic containment device. A crate can be used both as a restraint in a vehicle and as a bed inside your home. It can help prevent your pet from bolting through an open door if you are throwing a party or expecting guests.

Crates are basically boxes with a bottom, four sides, and a top. When choosing a cat crate, make sure it’s large enough for your cat to walk around in comfortably and lie down.

  1. Pens

Cat playpens are a great option for keeping your cat in check. A cat pen can be used for a variety of reasons and occasions. Travelling is easier with wire pens because they are divided into sections. A pen can also be extended and used to create a temporary barrier between buildings along a porch or patio. Playing in a cat pen can be a great experience for kittens as well.

  1. Gates

This is the cat equivalent of a baby gate. A temporary barrier can be placed in a doorway or corridor so that your cat cannot access restricted areas. A gate can give your cat more freedom while preventing them from entering a certain area.

Which Is The Best For Your Cat?


We all want to give our pets unlimited freedom, but occasionally we need to restrain them for their own safety or convenience. Crates, gates, and pens are simple and quick fixes.

Choosing the right pen will depend on what your cat needs, whether that’s a safe place for an older cat, or a pen for keeping a kitten out of trouble when they cannot be closely watched. There are a variety of enclosure options available, including simple metal enclosures and wooden gates that can be used as room dividers.

Your fur baby will feel safe and secure in the pen, and they will know that they can go to the crate for a nap when they are tired. The purpose of crates, gates and pens differ slightly, but all these are highly effective in raising an obedient, happy cat.

In Conclusion


Pens and gates allow your cat to remain secure in a smaller area of your home while crates allow your cat to relax and sleep. A crate, a gate, or a pen is not better than the other – they just serve different purposes. You can now shop crates for cats in UAE at the online Dubai Pet Food store, as well as pens and gates.