See the step by step we have prepared for you to train your French bulldog

The arrival of a French bulldog is a source of great joy in any home. In the market, you can easily find blue merle frenchies for sale. Whether puppy or adult, he has the power to flood the environment with his love. However, it soon becomes clear that training your dog to go to the bathroom in the right place is priority number one. However, there are other commands your dog needs to learn. Only with good training will he be able to understand his orders.

Choose your dog’s bathroom

Choose the area of ​​your home where you want your dog’s bathroom to be. It could be a corner of the laundry area, or a small bathroom, etc. Cold floor is ideal.

The reward technique

When your puppy pees or poops on the newspaper and you are there, always praise him with a lot of enthusiasm. Preferably, give him a treat. You want him to understand that ‘doing’ there makes you happy. If you are not present at the act, there is no point in praising it, as the puppy will not associate what he did with your encouragement.

Keep your dog’s toilet area clean.

Remove dirty sheets of paper immediately and replace with clean sheets. Nevertheless, keep one of the slightly wet sheets and place on top of the others in the corner of this area that you want to be the definitive place for the bathroom in the future.

Teaching the basic commands

Now is the time to teach your French bulldog basic commands. Orders like stay, sit, come, pick up and lay down are easy for him to learn. However, you must have patience to train your dog. The sooner you train your dog, the better for him to assimilate the commands. However, teach one command at a time. Wait a while for your dog to understand the order.

Choose a quiet environment

A dog, regardless of breed, scatters very quickly. As a puppy, the tendency is even greater. Therefore, when starting to train your dog, choose a quiet environment, without distractions. That way, your French bulldog will only focus on his orders and it will be easier for him to understand.

Moving the training to the external environment

Only after your dog understands all the commands, should you educate him outdoors. After all, he will obey you and will not risk running out of control. This is the time for you to get him used to other people and to live with other dogs as well. 

Maintain training consistency

It is no use training your French bulldog one day, and only returning to training after a week. His education needs consistency so that he actually learns the command. Therefore, whenever you train your dog, keep the climate pleasant. He will obey you from the moment he feels that you are the leader.

Maintain a pleasant climate

Training your dog is like a game. However, you must be firm. If you use a harsher tone when training, he will think he cannot do such an action when he is close. Therefore, he might end up doing it in secret.