Importance of Brain Training for Dogs courses

Have you put in a lot of time and effort into training your dog or puppy on your own, only to find that nothing seems to work? You don’t feel like hiring a professional dog trainer and paying a small fortune, do you? A course called “Brain Training for Dogs” is available on the internet and comes highly recommended. Author Adrienne Faricelli has been in the dog training industry for over ten years and is a certified dog trainer. The program has been lauded by several of the world’s leading dog trainers which will know just by a single click on

To what extent is it possible to “brain-train” a dog?

Adrienne Farricelli’s groundbreaking Brain Training for Dogs is an online dog training course like no other, with a focus on engaging your dog’s brain to help shape them into an intelligent and obedient friend.

Elements That Come Together to Form the Brain Training 4 Dogs Course?

Your access to the Brain Training 4 Dogs website’s member’s section will begin as soon as you receive confirmation of your payment. You can use this section as a sort of command centre, as it provides instant access to all of the resources that come with your purchase.

If you sign up for the course, you can look forward to these advantages:

Mind Exercises for Dogs

You can expect this one, since it’s the centrepiece of the trip and the place where you’ll probably start eating.

Dog Training and Behavior Modification Courses Online

As part of your subscription, you’ll gain entry to a second, bonus course that is made available to you and your fellow students alone. Your ignorance of this part of the deal made it all the more pleasant of a surprise when it was revealed.

Coursework in dog behaviour modification consists of three parts and is designed to address the following five serious and widespread canine behavioural problems:

  • Whining
  • Digging
  • Barking
  • Chewing\Jumping

The main course will provide reinforcement for positive actions that contribute to the resolution of these problems, but this supplementary course is also useful for addressing these concerns on their own.

You’ve reached the Resources Part of the site

All the resources you need to pass your classes can be found in this one convenient spot. This page contains links to all of the downloadable materials and product recommendations needed for these courses. 

The Papers of Adrienne

Browse through over a hundred of Adrienne’s articles about dog training all in one convenient place. These can serve as supplementary reading as you work with your dog to help you become a better dog owner and trainer.

Observations Based On Actual Events Actions Performed While Draped Over One Shoulder

Dogs that Adrienne has personally trained have been filmed from above and made available in this section of the website. When she is teaching these dogs, you can watch as she takes them through the steps necessary to fix their unique behavioural problems.