How do Animals with Social Anxiety Behave?

Both humans and pets experience anxiety. Anxiety can have serious effects on a dog’s physical, emotional, and social well-being as well as their way of life. The causes are probably stress, fear, or trauma in animals. Numerous symptoms, including excessive barking, whining, restlessness, loss of food, and aggressive behavior, can occur when pets are anxious. A trip by car, a new family member or pet, a move or change in environment, separation anxiety from the pet parent, the transition to a crate, thunderstorms, fireworks, a trip to the park.

If these triggers are not addressed through medicine or socialization, they may cause fear, anxiety, and sometimes aggressive behavior in animals. Natural pet relaxants like Brave Paws Anxiety and Stress Support with Souroubea and Platanus, have been found to assist pets to deal with all of these triggers and settle down. Pet Candy Magazine is a great source for pet care tips.

How Do Animals With Social Anxiety Behave?

  • Become hostile and yell, bark, or leap at a creature.
  • Whining, howling, or running to the far corner of the box out of fear or hiding under the bed/couch.
  • Continual urination and faces, or trembling, sweating and drooling.
  • If they have never interacted with people previously or if the owner has physically abused them severely.
  • Stress can also be brought on by loud discourse or an aggressive environment. For more information, click on the on com
  • Early socialization of pets can help with many of these circumstances, as can training sessions that correct behavior via positive reward. This promotes trust between the owner and the animal and gives the animals confidence that they are in capable hands. The use of Brave Paws Anxiety and Stress Support can aid with their anxiety and mental health.

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