German shepherd Teeth Health and Care Guide

The German shepherd is a beautiful dog that is well known for its loyalty and protection. Just like humans, it needs to have good teeth and gums. If not then it can make the dog suffer. It’s not just the dog that suffers; it’s the owner as well. In this article, we will look at the different teeth problems that German shepherds can get and how to avoid them.

Teething in German shepherd

Teething in dogs is a process beginning with the eruption of the first primary tooth, which will appear at around 14 days of age. Each succeeding tooth will push through gradually until all twenty-eight milk teeth appeared and that would be around the 8 weeks.

German shepherd puppies begin to shed their milk teeth when they are around the age of 3 months. Their 28 milk teeth will fall out and 32 permanent teeth take place.

 Dental Issues in German shepherd

German Shepherds are more prone than many other dog breeds to the development of dental diseases, such as periodontal disease. German shepherd dogs are also very easily affected by cavities that makes it all the more vital to make sure you take good care of your dog’s teeth and keep on top of their dental visits.

If you don’t take good care of their teeth they will suffer from periodontal diseases. Most dogs aged three or older suffer from a gum infection called periodontal disease. It affects around 87{021fdffea523c62af18add523de4d6e5cbba3ef0f8e0a624ad4ae74223d24a56} of dogs, making this condition the most common in adult dogs.

In periodontal disease, inflammation occurs in the periodontium which is tissues that surround the teeth. Periodontal disease is a major issue for all dogs. It is said that the reason behind this is that dogs do not have an acidic state in their mouth as fast as humans.

Furthermore when the plaque buildup in their mouth it will result in the formation of a lot of bacteria. The bacteria in turn trigger the immune system which will lead to gum inflammation.

How to Take Care of Your German shepherd Teeth?

There are some ways by which you can take good care of your German shepherd teeth.

Teeth cleaning

It’s important to brush your German shepherd’s teeth and it can help you develop a special bond with them! It’s best to begin brushing their teeth from a young age, so they don’t associate having their teeth brushed as something negative.

If you look at the fact of how many times you should brush your German shepherd teeth it’s as much as you can. It’s best for their dental health if you should brush their teeth once every day. Along with that, it would be best if you take them to the vet once a year for professional dental care.


German shepherds need healthy teeth and gums just like any other dog. It is important to have your German shepherd regularly visit the vet. The frequency of brushing is recommended to once a day. This will help to keep y our dog’s teeth and gums healthy. At the same time, daily brushing will help to avoid tartar buildup. Brushing your dog’s teeth is easier than you might think. You will need a toothbrush for dogs and some dog toothpaste.