Awful Dog Breath Can Be Avoided and Treated

Many people incorrectly assume that stinky dog breath is a natural part of canine life. There’s no reason, however, for your dog to not have minty fresh breath. There’s probably a good reason why your dog has stinky breath. Some strategies to combat halitosis are provided below.

Should You Brush Your Dog’s Teeth Every Day?

Do I really need to “brush” my dog’s teeth? is a question frequently asked by dog owners. Can’t I just give them a rawhide or a dental chew to help keep their teeth clean? However, the good news is that, provided you do so responsibly, giving your dog a dog chew once in a while is a good idea.

Unlike humans, dogs don’t tend to develop cavities. Yet, the most common disease in dogs is gum disease, which affects over two-thirds of canines over the age of three, as reported by VCA Vet Clinics.

How often does this occur?

Similar to how we should brush our own teeth after eating, it’s best to give your dog a quick teeth-brushing after every meal. Many of us simply do not have that kind of spare time in our busy daily lives.

The optimal frequency of tooth brushing is once daily, but even if that’s not possible, you should try to brush at least a few times each week. Every time you brush, you should spend at least 30 seconds on one side of your mouth.

Tips for a Successful Tooth brushing Session with Your Dog

Just like humans, dogs benefit from regular dental care. Plaque and tartar (the unsightly brown buildup you can see on certain dogs’ teeth) are more common than cavities in dogs. Bad breath in dogs and other dental issues may result from plaque and tartar buildup. When you clean your animal friend’s teeth on a regular basis, you can maintain their smile bright and free of plaque.

While it may seem daunting, brushing your dog’s teeth is really rather simple. Brushes designed specifically for canines are slanted to fit within the canine mouth. In order to reach all the crevices in a dog’s mouth, some owners prefer to use small dental pads or rubber “fingers” that fit over their finger.

Similarly, there are products designed specifically for dogs. Many brands of dog toothpaste feature tasty flavors like peanut butter and beef to appeal to canine palates.

Since most canines associate these pastes with treats, it shouldn’t be hard to get your dog to relax and let you brush him or her after you introduce one.

Taking care of your dog’s teeth is a lot like taking care of your own. Since dogs have such long, deep jaws, the only real difference is that you’ll need to make sure you brush far in the back of your dog’s mouth. Since dental decay may also develop on the chewing surfaces of teeth, it’s important to give those areas a thorough brushing, too.

Animal Veterinarians as Professional Cleaners

Your dog’s teeth will need to be cleaned by your vet at some time in her life, even if you’re diligent about cleaning them. If you discover your dog has chronic foul breath or is suddenly refusing food, it’s time to take him to the doctor. Most cases of chronic bad breath may be traced back to oral health issues.

Herbal Mints

Aside from the obvious health risks, your dog’s breath might smell if she’s been snacking on something unpleasant. Maybe there was anything unpleasant in the yard, like a dead animal or strash that she came upon.

Perhaps that’s why she’s always eating crap. You may attempt to distract her with other desirable chew toys while you work on distracting her from these undesirables. The Veterinary Oral Health Council has endorsed a number of oral chews, including Canine Greenies, as being beneficial to canine dental health.

Dogs might benefit from snacks that promote fresh breath. Many dog treats boast of being able to freshen a dog’s breath. Some of them have more enticing tastes, like mint, or are seasoned differently. See whether your dog will eat them by giving them a try.

When their teeth are healthy, most dogs have fresh breath. The exception to this rule is when your dog has consumed an odorous or unpleasant substance.

If your dog has fresh breath despite having healthy teeth and not eating anything foul, a trip to the doctor is in order to rule out any underlying medical issues.