6 Reasons Why Your Cat Sleep On Your Legs

Have a cat in your home? You can see the cats are picky and sensitive about their sleeping place. They always look for a place that is unique and can provide them comfort. One of the most common habits of cats is to sleep on your leg. You might be seeking the reasons why your cat sleep on your legs.

Here some of those reasons are given below.

1.         Your Leg Provides Warmth

Thighs are one of the closest areas of your body. So, it provides comforting warmth. When your cat is feeling cold or seeking warmth, then she can look for warmth from your thigh. As an example, you can see human babies like the warmth and comfort of their mother’s lap. Similarly, your cat is looking for warmth and comfort from your thigh.

2.         The Cat Is Looking For Safety And Security

Your cat may sleep on your leg when they are not feeling well or things are uncertain. Sleeping on your lap or feet makes them safe and feels secure. If she sleeps soundly on your lap that means they know nothing can hurt them from you as you are the best bet to combat everything. This is the reason why your cat sleeps on your legs.

3.         They Want To Be Close To You

As you see, humans enjoy the company of their loved ones and want to always be with those people. Such as staying close by you make them feel snug and content. It allows them to feel your presence whenever they are taking a nap. It ensures a peaceful sleep for them.

4.         Your Legs Are Soft

Another reason why your cat is sleeping on your leg can be because your legs are soft. The thigh part of the human body is soft which provides a comfortable sleeping surface for the cat. If the cat is sleeping between your legs, that means the place is cozy providing maximum comfort while they are sleeping.

5.         Legs Can Be Hiding Place For Them

Cats often like to hide in a place which can be a corner of your cupboard or sometimes between your legs. So, there are good chances that your cat is scared about something or any intruder. Sometimes a cat can do itself even when there is nothing scary or any intruder.

6.         Your Cat Miss You

Cats are habitual animals. They can follow up with a struct routine even when you don’t know what it is. If you give your cat treats at the same time each day, they will come back to you at the same time every payday. In that case, if you are out of home for a long time, your cat is likely to miss you at the same time for being in the place. It will happen even if you are not the caregiver for your cat.


Now you have the answer for why your cat sleeps on your legs. Your cat may sleep on your leg for many reasons. But the most important reason for it is that it likes you and feels safe and secure when you are around it. Even when your cat is friendly toward everyone, it can sleep with one or two family members. Most probably the other people may have not experienced the same level of accuracy. So, I hope you found one reason that suits the behavior of your tiny animal. If you have friends or relatives with cats, share the post with them about why their cat might be sleeping on their legs.